lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Entrenamiento en Las Vistas, Tenerife - Open water training in Las Vistas beach, Tenerife

It was one of those days where nobody turned up for training. Carnaval fever here in Tenerife, but Ryszard Majewski decided that despite the weather conditions and no swimming partners, to do some training in the ocean. Las Vistas beach was the best place as the weather was risky. I confronted 2m waves, strong currents and strong winds. Also the buoy line that stretches from one end of the beach to the other was broken off due to the extreme weather we have been having. I did a 7.8km swim which is my personal longest distance ever. Great swim and I was determined to do another 1300m but the sea was too rough and I was alone. Sorry no photos this time.

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